Trade In / Buyback Program

S-t-r-e-e-e-t-c-h Your Book Budget!

Do you buy books?

Persnickety Books has a trade-in program.  We love to look at gently used books and we make offers in store credit. Our store credit is usable on any merchandise in the store and it never expires. Store credit is not valid for the purchase of Gift Cards, but is transferable. We buy back items that we feel that we can sell and may reject items due to age, condition, or stock on hand. The amount that we offer for items is not negotiable and you are free to reject any offer made by our staff. Stop in today to find out if you have what we need. Please note that as of 4/18/18 Persnickety Books will no longer pay cash for items sold back to us except for select textbooks. Offers are made in store credit only.

Is there anything that you don't accept on trade-in?

Since Persnickety Books only sells used books we only accept books in our trade-in program. Former library items, book club editions, Reader's Digest editions, cookbooks, and custom published textbooks are accepted on a case by case basis. Books whose spines are broken, are water damaged, have excessive annotations, highlighting, writing, or creases will be rejected due to condition. Persnickety Books' staff reserves the right to reject items for buyback at their discretion. 

How long does the trade-in process take?

That varies for a few reasons: 1) How many items you have, 2) how many orders are in front of you, & 3) staff availability. Based on those factors we make every attempt to process orders in 15-30 min. We'll give you a rough estimate of how long it'll take at the time of drop off. If you have an exceptionally large order, you may be asked to leave the order overnight and we will contact you when your order is finished. Large orders are typically complete within 24-48 hours.

How much do you offer for my books?

We base all of our offers on what the item will sell for in the store and will offer up to 50% of the resale price in store credit. Certain items, like fiction, we cannot offer as much for, but we make every attempt to give you the best offer around for your items. Please understand that we cannot buy everything, and some items may be returned to you for the reasons listed above. Store credit is transferable and makes a great gift idea for any book lover you may know. 

So, you do buy textbooks?

We do under certain circumstances.  They must be a fairly recent edition and in fair condition.  Some highlighting and underlining/markings are acceptable.  The buyback process is much like the trade-in program outlined above with the exception that Persnickety Books will make a cash offer or a more generous store credit offer. Textbooks can be brought into the store to be evaluated for possible purchase on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays during regular store hours.  Other days by appointment only.  Please call with questions about our textbook buyback program or to schedule an appointment at 336-934-4300.

How "used" is TOO used?

Books brought into our store for trade-in don't have to be perfect.  Most books with regular use will have wear.  "Like new" books can have some shelf wear or age even if they've never been read.  Bring us your books and let us be the judge.  Supply and demand often means an "Acceptable" condition book is a great addition to our inventory and will make another reader ridiculously happy.