Make a Difference - Earn Free Books!

Volunteers Make It Happen

We get really excited when we talk about our volunteer program because there is so much we could not do if not for the volunteers who make it all possible.  It would be really difficult to donate as many books as we do to local organizations and people without the volunteer program. In addition to helping us get books to the people and organizations who need them volunteers are able to earn store credit for each shift they help us sort books or participate in events.
We require volunteers to be at least 18 years of age.  There will sometimes be limited space and teachers are always given priority for volunteer slots. We would like for any teachers who need books for their classroom to get them from Persnickety Books  rather than having to purchase them out of their own pocket.


You can come in for as little or as much works for you and our store needs.  Any amount of time is appreciated.  

All of our volunteers earn $10 in store credit for every hour they help us sort books.  In addition we give a book to a local school for every volunteer hour as well.  Your support in this is what allows us to give so much back to the community.  Thank you so much :)

Get Free Books for your Teacher

Does your student's classroom need more books?  Volunteer at Persnickety Books and donate your store credit directly to your teacher's classroom.

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